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Thu, Sep. 28th, 2006, 09:06 am
lurkergrrl: This Saturday....

...will be the return of the Wheeling Anime Club!

Some changes, with you guys's approval:

1) Just "Anime Club" -- we never did get that many people who liked anything but manga.
2) Meetings from 2:30 to 4:30 on Saturday. That way I cn be there to start the meeting.
3) No more company-sponsored preview discs. It was way too hard to keep up with them. Since we're a small club, I figure we can get away with our own DVDs and fansubs (I just got a DVD burner!).

Ideas for this week's anime:

Ouron Host Club
Gankustuo: The Count of Monte Cristo
Fushigi Yuugi
Nana or Paradise Kiss

Also, I'll order pizza and pop! I can't bring ice, though, so if someone else could, that would be terrific.

Sat, Jul. 22nd, 2006, 02:31 pm
dragonfan21: (no subject)

Okay its been what several months since I posted anything. Sorry guys work and college have been kicking my Arse. I haven't been to a meeting either because of work *sigh* I am just about ready for Otakon. The arts pretty much done for artist alley and my cosplay is alomost done too. I need a black trenchcoat...Libby your sissy has one....can I borrow it if I buy you guys something pretty at the con???? I will try to give you a call about it. Thats the only problem I have at the moment. I hope everyones doing good. Sorry that its been soooo long since I've been around. I do miss everyone Hillary

Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006, 06:32 pm
wisdomofbenten: lather, rinse, x-post as needed

Ok, not sure which is the right community (short attention span, anyone?), but I gotta give you all a heads-up, so I'm gonna just x-post this.

I'm not gonna be at anime club tomorrow. Nor, to my knowledge, is Leah or Minerva. Sorry, all. Then, I will not be back until the 15th. Try not to miss me too much, k?
So, hope SOMEONE brings in a movie. I'll try to call Amanda, though I'm not sure if she'll be back by then.


Wed, Mar. 15th, 2006, 10:57 pm
wisdomofbenten: Let's Make Money!

My art teacher is heading a sale-thingy to raise money for art class field trips. If we wanted to, we could sell some stuff to raise money. It'll be on the 25th, from 9-12, at MdeC. However, to get a table, I need to get back to her by tomorrow. If it doesn't work out this time, there will be another similar event in the fall, sometime.

Ok, get back to me ASAP. Thankies. ^_^

(x-posted, cuz I'm not sure which is the proper community to use)


Wed, Feb. 8th, 2006, 11:26 pm
wisdomofbenten: Myspace Group

http://groups.myspace.com/waacanime- Myspace Group for us.
Because no one else seemed inclined to do it. I probably did it wrong. Deal with it. If you can do it better, by all means, do so. If not, shut up and deal with it.

x-posted to other waac community.

Edited cuz HTML didn't work, cuz computers hate me.

Fri, Feb. 3rd, 2006, 11:04 am
wisdomofbenten: OMG

Ok, just realized something:
The Sunday that we all plan to go to the mall and sell anime stuff is Super Bowl Sunday! . Which means: (a) I won't be able to come (Anti-Superbowl party, Mom's bday) and (b) few people are likely to be at the mall.
BTW, I x-posted this to the other WAAC community, just in case...


Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006, 05:19 pm
lurkergrrl: New community

Since Abi can't be in the club anymore (;_;), and doesn't want to continue being moderator, here's the new official community:


Please join and update your links!

Fri, Jan. 20th, 2006, 11:30 pm
monoceros6: LJ changes!

Sorry all, my time for anime has all but disappeared....
Therefore, because this place is damned boring, I'm willing to give the password to someone so it can be changed.
Probably won't really be able to make any more meeting ever(work....) and since I'm no social butterfly...it was great being around you all!

Fri, Jan. 20th, 2006, 08:37 pm
dragonfan21: Whew...Its been a while

Hey,not that you guys will care or anything, but in March it will be a whole year since I joined the club..Heh. Before I met all of you I was a lonely anime fan with barely any friends..(most people think I'm odd). I'm just writing to say thanks to all of you...I have to say its been one of the best years ever.. Now from an old woman I want to thank Libby, Ashleigh, Amanda, Abby, Minerva, Kasey, Leah and everyone else. You guys are the best and if I ever have to leave this area I want you all to remember that I will never forget you guys or WAAC. ^_^


P.S. Have you guys ever heard of a Dollfie? I seen alot at Ohayocon and I fell in love...*must have one*. They are Japanese import dolls from Japan. Ones that you can either buy customized or buy the kit and customize them yourself. They come at a foot tall (27cm) to 60 cm..(around 2 and a half feet, I think). They are sooo pretty and if you don't want to spend alot then just buy the kit and I will help you make them. I made one based on one of my story characters, hes really cute. Course hes far from getting done. Well I will show him to you guys tomorrow, Cya then.

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006, 10:51 am
lurkergrrl: Very important meeting

This Saturday, I will finally be able to make it to a meeting!!!! W00T!!!! There, we will elect new officers (or keep old ones, whatever), talk about anime club supporter surveys (which we are woefully behind on), discuss fundraising (more below), and do plenty of really fun stuff, too.

Re: Fundraising. I think I've finally got something we can easily do. I'm sure most of you guys have lots of anime/manga/books/toys/action figures -- and that some of it you wouldn't mind getting rid of... Like, you bought the CardCaptor Sakura movie on VHS a couple years back thinking it was a sub, and horrors of horrors, it was actually the godforsaken Nelvana dub (speaking from experience here ;_;). Or you bought some anime with an adorable little girl on the cover thinking it would be a cute comedy, and instead it was completely perverted (speaking from Sam's experience). Or maybe just something you've seen a billion times and are ready to let go of.

Because my idea is that we each get together a few things we don't mind getting rid of, and sell them cheap at the community booth at the mall. Have an "Anime and Manga Day". Doesn't have to just be anime and manga, if you can't think of any you'd like to sell. Toys, books, crafts, drawings... we could sell a few things like that, too. It SHOULD be mostly anime and manga/comics, though, since that's what we're about. ^_^ Plus we could do raffles, or something. What do you think?

Another thing we should try again is the Onigiri Workshop.

Plus, Free Comic Book Day is coming up in early May. If we can get together $50-75, we'll be able to buy 500(!!!) comics to give away. (Plus free samples from Viz/Tokyopop/CPM/etc.) That would be pretty awesome! You all remember how fun it was last year, and if we can get together just $50 to do this as an official FCBD event, then we'll be able to get lots of publicity from the newspapers and maybe even TV.

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